Passive Fire Protection

The Fire Stopping Project is a comprehensive endeavour aimed at elevating fire safety standards within financial retail branches across the United Kingdom.

This case study elucidates the project’s objectives, scope, methodologies, and the resultant outcomes of a collaborative effort to safeguard both employees and customers.
As a leading financial institution in the UK, Barclays acknowledges the paramount importance of fire safety within its retail locations. With an extensive network of branches nationwide, ensuring the safety of both employees and customers remains a top priority.
In response, the financial company initiated a project to assess, upgrade, and maintain fire stopping measures across all retail locations throughout the UK.

The project’s scope encompassed the assessment, enhancement, and ongoing maintenance of fire stopping measures in all financial retail branches across the UK, with over 230 branches completed.
Key aspects included:

Comprehensive Site Assessment: Conducting thorough evaluations of existing fire stopping measures in each branch.
Manufacture Tested Solutions: Developing customized fire stopping solutions based on branch-specific requirements and conditions.
Nationwide Implementation: Deploying teams across the UK to install and upgrade fire stopping systems.
Continuous Maintenance: Establishing a robust maintenance program to ensure the sustained effectiveness of fire stopping measures.


The project employed a multi-faceted approach, including comprehensive site assessments, collaboration with fire safety experts, deployment of specialized teams for installations, and the establishment of a structured maintenance regimen.


In alignment with the esteemed UKAS Q-MARK BMTRADA Scheme, TSB Contractors has accomplished the first phase of this project, encompassing 230 sites, with resounding success.

Furthermore, TSB Contractors is poised to complete an additional 200 sites within the calendar year 2024, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to excellence and adherence to industry-leading standards.


The primary objectives of Fire Stopping Project were:

a. Ensure the highest level of fire safety for both employees and customers in all retail branches.

b. Assess and upgrade existing fire stopping systems to meet or exceed regulatory standards.

c. Minimize fire-related risks and mitigate property damage.

d. Cultivate a fire safety culture within Barclays retail locations through employee education and awareness initiatives.

e. Demonstrate unwavering commitment to the well-being of its stakeholders.