Grange House

The client temporarily vacated their existing ground office within an established multi-tenanted building to facilitate a partial refurbishment program.
The new works incorporated specialist Interview Rooms, a Group Room, and a new Storeroom.
Works were carried out on-site by our direct staff and subcontractors, coordinated by the TS&B site manager and management team.

Staff remained on the first floor throughout the works, and other tenants remained in occupation, necessitating consideration for noise levels and any interruptions in services that would affect others.

Works Recap:

1. Electrical: Installation of a new system throughout.
2. Data: Installation of a new system throughout.
3. Lighting: Installation of new light units within the new ceiling grid.
4. Mechanical: Adaptation of the existing heating and ventilation system.
5. Partitions: Formation of new stud partitions.
6. Joinery: Supply and installation of new doors and associated ironmongery.
7. Flooring: Installation of new carpet tiles to specific areas following the corporate palette.
8. Ceilings: Installation of a new metal ceiling grid and mineral fiber tiles to specific areas.
9. Security: Adaptation of the existing CCTV, installation of new access control, security alarm, and panic alarm systems.
10. Decoration: Decoration to specific areas following the corporate palette.
11. Signage: Supply and fitting of new statutory signage, way signage, and corporate signage.
12. Fire Stopping: Sealing of all penetrations and openings.
13. Fixtures and Fittings: Furniture supplied and fitted by a specialist subcontractor.


Project Duration: 6 weeks

Challenges encountered included a time-sensitive program for the client's return and a shortage of materials for the security systems due to manufacturing issues during the Covid-19 pandemic.


New cellular Interview Rooms and a Group Room were constructed to meet the specific acoustic standards required by the client’s business.

The project also involved the installation of new power, lighting, and data systems, along with amendments to the existing heating and ventilation system.