Electrical Services

TSB Contractors, a leading provider of electrical services, combines professionalism, affordability, and excellence in workmanship. With a focus on safety, sustainability, and service excellence, TSB Contractors offers a comprehensive range of electrical solutions tailored to diverse client needs.
Established in 2011, TSB Contractors has emerged as a reputable name in the construction industry, offering nationwide coverage and successfully completing various projects. Our commitment to recruiting, retaining, and nurturing talented staff ensures that we deliver exceptional service while maintaining a safe and sustainable working environment.

As a NICEIC approved contractor, TSB Contractors undergoes annual independent inspections to uphold the highest standards and compliance with British regulations. Our comprehensive electrical services include installations, repairs, maintenance, and safety assessments, ensuring the safety and functionality of our clients’ properties.


At TSB Contractors, our skilled team of electricians collaborates closely to deliver projects with precision and efficiency.
From emergency electricians to property maintenance specialists, we work together to provide prompt, reliable, and top-quality electrical services tailored to our clients’ requirements.


Projects have been successfully completed in locations such as Chatham, Swansea, Felixstowe, Sanctuary Buildings, and Melbourne House NPS. Each project was executed within the allocated timeframe, showcasing our commitment to efficiency and timely delivery.


Recent projects undertaken by our electrical department include:

Full building electrical rewires.

Installation of new submains and distribution boards

LED lighting upgrades

Installation and maintenance of emergency lighting systems

Implementation of smart lighting solutions

Property electrical upgrades and relocations

These projects demonstrate our expertise in handling diverse electrical challenges across various locations, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance of electrical systems.


TSB Contractors goes the extra mile by providing detailed savings breakdowns, installing advanced lighting systems with smart features, and offering clients full control over their electrical fittings.

Our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction sets us apart as a trusted leader in the electrical services industry.