Fire Door Maintenance and Installation:
TSB Contractors prioritizes Fire Safety Requirements, backed by our B M Trada Q Mark Certification, providing assurance of the highest quality workmanship.

Through comprehensive inspection and reporting of a building's fire doors, we determine if any work is necessary to meet current regulations.

Once the doors have been assessed and deemed compliant, TSB can issue certification covered by the BM Trada Q Mark Scheme for fire door maintenance.

During fire door installation and maintenance, we prioritize the safety of building occupants and your business. By demonstrating that the manufacturers and products we utilize effectively resist the passage and spread of fire, we ensure the utmost fire safety.
Fire Stopping:
As part of a comprehensive fire protection strategy, inhibiting the spread of fire and ensuring safe passage for occupants is paramount.
Firestopping focuses on treating elements that pass through fire-resistant structures, preserving their integrity.

As approved Fire Stopping installers, TSB Contractors utilize various products, including intumescent coated batts, intumescent compounds, intumescent mastic, and fire barriers/curtains, to effectively address fire stopping requirements.

By employing these fire stopping techniques, we enhance the fire resistance of structures, protecting occupants and minimizing potential risks.

Should you have any further inquiries or require additional information, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are dedicated to providing exceptional fire safety services tailored to your needs.
Fire Dampers:
At TSB Contractors, we specialize in fire safety expertise and adhere to all current regulations and schemes.

Our experienced team ensures that all works are meticulously recorded for audits and trackability.

Fire dampers play a crucial role in fire protection strategies, impeding the spread of fire through walls, floors, and partitions.

These devices maintain the integrity of existing barriers, preventing fire penetration before temperatures reach the fire rating level. Essentially, fire dampers prevent the passage of fire from one side to the other of a fire-rated separation.

For comprehensive fire safety compliance, regular and professional maintenance of fire damper systems is essential. Faulty fire dampers can compromise the effectiveness of fire prevention. We offer essential fire safety services, including thorough cleaning, lubrication, drop testing, and resetting of all fire dampers, ensuring they are in optimal working order.

Our fire damper services include:

Professional site inspection after reviewing building plans.
Testing, tagging, and recording of all fire dampers with accompanying photographs at each inspection stage.
Detailed reporting on each fire damper, including individual forms, creation of a building asset list, and recording of fire dampers on the building floor plan with corresponding asset references.
Provision of a comprehensive report indicating "Passed" and "Failed" fire dampers, along with a breakdown of required remedial works based on the inspection findings.