Ventilation Solutions by TSB Contractors
Welcome to TSB Contractors, your nationwide expert in ventilation solutions. Committed to quality and compliance, we adhere to DW/144, DW/145, TR/19, BS 5925:1991, and BS EN 13053:2019 standards, ensuring your indoor environment meets the highest industry regulations.

Our priority is your comfort and safety. From precise installation of VAV, FCU, HRU, and AHU systems to employing fire-rated systems, we guarantee a healthy environment, minimizing fire and smoke risks.

Experience our end-to-end services including system design, installation, maintenance, Fire Damper installation, and inspection, all self-delivered to ensure meticulous attention from start to finish.

Discover the TSB Contractors' difference today. Contact us to discuss your project needs for reliable, tailored ventilation solutions.

Key Services:

1. Installation: Tailored ventilation systems designed and installed for residential, commercial, and industrial properties, ensuring optimal indoor air quality and comfort.

2. Maintenance: Scheduled plans to preserve system efficiency, minimize downtime, and prevent costly repairs, keeping your ventilation system running smoothly year-round.

3. Air Quality Assessment: Comprehensive evaluations and targeted recommendations to enhance indoor air quality, promoting a healthier environment for occupants.

4. Energy Efficiency Consulting: Expert analysis and recommendations to improve system efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and lower operational costs.

5. Emergency Repairs: 24/7 response to address system failures promptly, ensuring minimal disruption and the safety of building occupants.

6. Design Consulting: Guidance during design and construction phases to meet industry standards for indoor air quality, comfort, and safety.

7. Training and Education: Comprehensive programs empowering clients with the knowledge to operate and maintain their ventilation systems effectively.

Key Differentiators:

1. Expert Team: Highly skilled specialists dedicated to delivering top-quality service and innovative solutions.

2. Custom Solutions: Tailored approaches to meet the unique needs of each client and building environment.

3. Customer Focus: Clear communication, transparent pricing, and personalized support to exceed client expectations.

4. Innovation: Staying ahead with cutting-edge technologies and solutions for enhanced indoor environments.

5. Sustainability: Promoting energy efficiency and environmental responsibility for healthier, sustainable spaces.