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The level of work required at the building needed decorators with a fine eye for detail and experience within modern environments, being mindful of the surrounding area.
Decoration works were continuous throughout the project and followed by all teams to ensure existing walls were prepared and re-decorated to increase the level of finishing. High quality finishes were crucial as each wall received a specified colour and any blemishes would show up due to the positioning of lighting against walls. Metal cladding outside office areas had also received a special preparation process and then painted to match the design outlined by the designers.
Additionally, vinyl graphics were removed from existing doors and walls which then required full preparation and re-decoration.
Small partition walls and nibs were built in the open and breakout areas to create new zones previously erected with glazing.
These were built to exact specifications, tape and joint, skimmed and fully decorated to blend in within the surrounding space. Many more activities were conducted to the highest level of standards, matching existing ones including, following closely, the paint specifications for each area from the building’s finishing schedule.


The client project consisted of two intertwined buildings; East and West. The scope of the flooring work was sectioned as follows:

Removal of old carpet tiles and installation of new herringbone styled carpet tiles with a 2 way and 3 way colour combination in various areas.
The installation of yellow vinyl tiles and red vinyl floor rolls throughout both open plan areas and breakout areas.
The open space layout posed a challenge because of the noise issue from piecing together thousands of square metres of vinyl tiles without delaying the works. Extra Out of Hours shifts were swiftly organised to install the vinyl in open areas, avoiding any noise complaints from staff below and above the floor plates. The schedule of works was limited due to arrival of new furniture, so the team had to finish all associated works that could effect or delay the furniture installation.
This included finishing all low-level power works, vinyl and carpet flooring on both the East and West floors.


TSB main focus is delivering the highest of standards to its clients through a multi-talented in-house team that can deliver on any project within the building industry.
Our recipe for success lies within the strong bond and communication that we have built over the years between us.


A centrally located office in London. Level 3, both East and West floors with a project start date of the 2nd of December 2021 and handed over the 6th of March 2022.


The client’s main ethos became an experiment across 4 locations creating a “Living Lab” environment to test more collaborative settings with added technology to enable staff to connect and come together when back in the office. The floors required a full refurbishment of the main floors and washrooms, including but not limited to new carpet, vinyl, low level power inputs, acoustic walls, acoustic ceiling panels and decoration. The delivery of the refurbishment was 100% self-delivered by TSB Contractors covering all disciplines from MEP, fabric and decoration works. Over 20 skilled TSB engineers, Joiners, decorators and electricians were allocated to the project along with site supervisors from ISS and a TSB project manager to ensure delivery of the highest of standards within this creative corporate space, following strict time and budgetary constraints. Throughout the project, our site supervisors and project manager liaised directly with the client, updating them on daily progress, meetings with seniors on site and external consultants ensuring TSB were following the strict scope of the works, including the proposed design briefs by client’s architects and interior designers in order to meet their overall vision. Time management was the key factor in successfully delivering this project, enabling all decoration and installation works to be completed before the arrival of the new furniture. Liaising with external contractors and the accurate planning of work schedules ensured delivery of the project on time. Two interesting developments extended the scope of works. The first being the schedule changing towards the end of the project due to an increased scope from the client. The client requested for all the existing retained carpet be changed in the open and meeting space to match new, and then also include the refurbishment to all washrooms on both East and West floors of Level 3. Logistically TSB had to scope, cost, and plan the execution of the additional works with little extra time to deliver. The second point that came as a surprise was the resurgence of Covid and the measures needed to manage any on site spread. Working with Covid-19 Restrictions: The covid restrictions brought new challenges to many aspects of the project. With the absence of key team members due to illness, project delivery time was brought into question.

However, with TSB’s pro-active approach, the whole team pulled together to eliminate the spread of covid by following set rules that included daily testing, temperature checks, mask wearing, social distancing where possible and plenty of ventilation.

Following the Christmas break, a large furniture contractor was due to commence work, which posed a secondary social-distancing challenge to navigate.

A TSB, prepared logistics plan came into action to secure social distancing between the 2 workforces and ensure they were also following stringent rules on testing and the use of PPE to eliminate any outbreak on site, thus maximising on workflow.

To follow government guidelines regarding social distancing, we implemented a rotation of works around the 2 floor plates (East / West) segregating the teams, following set work schedules including different entry points. This was a must to ensure safety to all those on site and delivery of the project within the given timeframe.

The project success was a credit to the whole TSB team including management, raising any red flags before any escalations and the planning of logistics around the complex and unique circumstances.


The clients’ working environment is a creative office space with playful cues. A large-scale project that, despite unusual challenges, delivery was met within the agreed timeframe.

With a strong pro-active work ethic, TSB always go the extra mile; assisting and managing 3rd party suppliers contracted by ISS, meeting additional pressures head on, adjusting the original scope.

The team’s willingness to assist where necessary allowed for a smooth transition between construction and final handover with quality maintained throughout.