Welcome to On Wood, proudly part of the TSB Contractors Group, where craftsmanship meets innovation to bring you exceptional joinery solutions.

Our mission is clear: to establish a new standard of excellence in joinery, blending cutting-edge machinery with a highly skilled team dedicated to delivering precise and timely results for your projects.

At On Wood Products, we are the embodiment of British manufacturing prowess and innovation, with a steadfast commitment to prioritizing health and safety throughout our production processes.

Our state-of-the-art facilities ensure the creation of high-performance fire and acoustic door sets, meticulously crafted to meet stringent standards, including FD30 to FD120 fire ratings and acoustic ratings ranging from 32dB to 43dB.
In addition to our signature door sets, we offer bespoke solutions tailored to your exact specifications, including security door sets compliant with PAS24 & Secure by Design standards, elegant wall panelling, sleek washroom cubicle systems, and a range of tailored ironmongery options to complement your project designs perfectly.

TSB Contractors and On Wood Products are united in our commitment to sustainable practices, guaranteeing that only the highest quality products leave our factories. Join us as we continue to invest in responsible product sourcing and manufacturing techniques, setting new benchmarks in craftsmanship and innovation. Welcome to On Wood, where excellence is our tradition and innovation is our future.